The Problems
Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care survey says one in four people visit a walk-in clinic each year. This means 25% of population get affected by out-dated walk-in clinic system.

Hard to know the expected wait time
You need to be present at clinic to get on a list
Wait at the clinic to keep your spot

The Opportunities & Solutions
App provides current estimated wait times at nearby walk-in clinics
A user get on the wait list through App
App will assist the user until he/she sees the doctor
 – Reminders 
 – Direction
 – Order on the wait list; Utilize wait time (don’t waste at the clinic)

"I felt left in the dark. No idea how many people were waiting ahead of me."
Jesse, 23, Male, Web Developer

"I could have gone grocery shopping during the 2-hour wait time."
Diana, Female 29, Kindergarten teacher

Prototype Preview Video

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