Diem Pouch APP User-research and UI/UX Design

App helping daily pill intake

Client: Diem Pouch

Pain points
- Challenging to remember to take pills at the same time of the day
- Hard to remember if the pill is taken for the day
- Difficult to start a new pack on time
- No discrete packaging

Survey of 176 birth control pill users
92% pack type is either 3-row or 4-row formation
(This reflected on UI development. See below)
I have a hard time taking it at the same time every day. Being a full-time student with a part-time job, life is crazy! I am constantly having to take two at once to make up for missed pills. I don't think this can be healthy.
- Student, 21

Prototype Preview Video © Diem Pouch

Diem Pouch - Early Adopter Program: https://diempouch.typeform.com/to/qKabsp
Diem Pouch site: http://www.diempouch.com/

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